Reasons to have a garden office

Installing a garden office is becoming noticeably popular among professionals and entry- level workers for many reasons. Whether it’s an office to work in from the comfort of your own home or as a workplace base for employees, there is something to suit everyone. Rather than a city office with a metropolitan view of skyscrapers, a garden office provides a peaceful setting and an idealistic environment to work in. It’s the perfect opportunity to create a place to unwind from the typical office scene.

We’ve narrowed down the top 5 reasons to have a garden office:

1. The perfect sanctuary for a home start-up

There is no rent involved with a garden office as it can be positioned within the space of a garden. Therefore, you will earn more money as a freelancer or business as earnings will not be spent on rent. The office can also be customised and refurbished however you want as there are no rental restrictions and you can take advantage of zero-rental expense. It can enable a business with few employees or a freelancer to flourish without the additional stress of a busy rented office location.

2. Cuts out travel time and costs

If you’re a work from home parent, a blogger or freelancer, then having an office space within your home but separate from home living is ideal. A garden office means that work is only a footstep away which completely removes travel costs and excessive travel time. It will also allow for a better location for employees to get to, perhaps avoiding traffic by being in a countryside location. Expenses can be exerted on more important things instead.

3. Nature-inspired productivity over city office noise

Away from the noise of a city location or amongst numerous other noisy offices, a garden office can promote a sense of peace in the workplace making it a whole lot easier to get work done. A stress free environment will allow you to think freely without any interruptions as well as provide a scenic garden view from the comfort of your desk. With fresh air to take in and plants to enjoy, the workplace can become a therapeutic haven to look forward to.

4. You can get creative with the workspace

A place of your own, you can be as creative as you want when it comes to styling the office. With designs and furniture to think about as well as light and work equipment, you can arrange everything to suit personal preferences. You can make the office the perfect temperature and mood to work effectively in and you can throw the ‘no dogs aloud’ rule out the window. An office can become more comfortable than you had ever imagined possible.

5. Flexibility and no rules

You can make the decisions when to come to and fro to the office, especially when there are no travel time restrictions. With better time management options, you will be able to effectively manage your spare time without the hassle of being away from home or the office at strict times. You can manage workloads and be flexible in how you use your garden office for other purposes.

Guests or clients will be impressed with such a distinctive office setting and will be happy to wait around before being attended to. A garden office can add a ‘wow’ factor to the workplace as well as adding value to a property. The multiple uses of having an office in the garden make it a worthwhile investment. Not only would you save costs over rental offices and travel but you can create a relaxing, professional space to suit you and your employees.

We supply structural insulated panels which are ready to assemble to make a garden office to suit you.