How A Garden Office Is Built

What do I have to do?

  • Unload the panels from the lorry.
  • Lay breather membrane over the pre-made timber base.
  • Fit the floor panels.
  • Lay the floor plate.
  • Erect and fix the walls.
  • Fit the roof.
  • Fit the windows and doors.
  • Fit the breather membrane.
  • Clad the outside over battens.
  • Get an electrician to do a 1st fix.
  • Line the inside.
  • Decorate and 2nd Fix electrics.

What else you will need to purchase:

  • Timber, usually ex. 50 x 100 (finished size about 47 x 95)
  • Windows and door.
  • Breather membrane.
  • Battens.
  • Timber cladding.
  • Roof covering.
  • Electrical materials.
  • Internal wall lining of plasterboard or matchboard.
  • Flooring materials.
  • Decorating materials.

What Tools Will I Need?

  • Hammer and nail gun (easily hired)for 51mm and 90 mm sheradised nails; lump hammer; electric screwdriver.
  • We provide the glue and the means to apply it.