Garden office supply & install

Do you want a garden office which combines quality, strength and warmth at an affordable price?

whyagardenofficeWhy a garden office?

A garden office or room is an ideal opportunity to gain extra workspace at the fraction of the cost of an extension. The most important part of the decision to implement an office into the garden is the material that will be used to construct it. You will need durable, weatherproof materials which will thrive outdoors but also encompass the properties of a workplace environment such as suitable temperature and light sources.

You want your garden office to be a relaxing haven to work in which will last for years to come. This is where we come in to bring you the very best materials to construct your ideal space. Garden offices are becoming increasingly popular due to their stress free environment and ease of location. Freelancers, bloggers and employees can enjoy working in a quiet environment where creative productivity is key.

Why SIPs?

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are what make a garden office durable and practical for workplace use. They have been used for over 60 years in the United States and consist of ply and oriented strand board which give them a rigid foam core. With water resistant properties and strong structural components, SIPs are a lot stronger than timber frames having survived earthquakes in Japan and hurricanes and tornadoes in the US. SIP’s are environmentally friendly as they do not require the cutting down of environmentally sensitive trees, reducing effects on softwood and hardwood forests around the world.

Structural insulated panels have sheer resistance, flexural strength, compressive resistance and resistance to uplift making them superior to other building frames. The best thing to know about SIP’s is that your garden office will be just as effective in 50 years’ time as it was when it was first built. The panels provide insulated floors, walls and roofs which are of a higher standard than those required in a house.

With a variety of panel thicknesses, you can customise and build your garden office however you want with the supply of mono and duo pitch building packages which come with SIP’s, special glue and step by step instructions. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation contains closed-cell foam which contains trapped air within fine cells. This provides thermal qualities and also a high resistance to effects of moisture and water vapour. It is the perfect material for use as a garden office due to its strength and natural advantages.

Constructing and installing your very own garden office can be extremely rewarding as you can complete it in your own time, bring in help and customise it in a way to suit you. You can go for that ‘real room’ feel or make your office at one with nature with distinctive characteristics and impressive aesthetics.

We supply structural insulated panels which are ready to assemble to make a garden office to suit you. If you’re interested in our panels or packages available, do not hesitate to give us a call.